The show must go on!


Photo by the PAHS Crimson Players

Senior Julia Malek, who plays Cinderella, is rehearsing sitting in her carriage as she makes her trip to the royal ball. She said, “While I am disappointed the show was postponed, I truly think that what we’ve made is magical. It’s a beautiful show, and I’m so honoured to be a part of it.”

There are always setbacks when trying to produce a successful play, in this case the set back wasn’t minor. On Tuesday April 13th 2021, PAHS drama club students had their production of “Cinderella” postponed due to a positive COVID-19 case(no other students are required to quarantine). 

“When finding out the play was going to be postponed I immediately panicked and became overwhelmed. But being brought back down to earth by the cast and directors made me feel more relieved. I’m just happy the show is still on and excited for everyone to see it,” said sophomore Zoe Holden. 

There are many people involved while putting on a play of this caliber such as a stage crew and a pit band. Pit band plays the music for the play and the stage crew makes props for the play. All of these key members make the process go smoothly.

Pit band senior, Christian Honicker said, “Pit band plays the music for the play. It is very frustrating to put in all this hard work only for it to potentially be wasted. But I have hope. Very reluctant hope, but hope nonetheless.”

PAHS Drama club will still be putting on the play, but at a later time. The rescheduled dates are Friday April 23(7:00pm), Saturday April 24(7:00pm), and Sunday April 25th(2:00pm). Any tickets bought before will still be validated and if you didn’t get a ticket there is still time, contact Mrs. Maria Malek([email protected]).