Board eliminates hybrid instruction


While the board meeting was held in the middle school auditorium, they also live streamed it on Facebook for anyone who wanted to join. They voted to end the hybrid cycle. Principal Tiffany Hummel said, “We are looking forward to welcoming many of our students back to full in-person instruction while still offering a virtual alternative. We are working behind the scenes to plan for our students’ return next month.”

At the board meeting on Wednesday, February 10, the committee decided on going back to full days in person, eliminating group A and group B days.

The plan is to have one week consist of 4 days- virtual Wednesday and the next week be 5 days a week for the rest of the school year.

Social distancing cannot be guaranteed because of how many students will be in the school with this new policy. Students have the choice to be full in person or full virtual based on an order from the Commonwealth.

Some students are excited to go back full in person because it would give them a sense of normalcy. 

“It’s great that we’re going back four days now but I have a feeling it’s not going to be around for a while. Although, you can say I’m excited for it, I get to see the other half of my grade now!” said senior Marcus Ashfield.

“In my opinion, I feel like the board made the best decision they could. I understand that they have to do what’s best to keep the school financially stable. There’s no doubt that they have some COVID-19 precautions in place. I will be going back in person because it’s easier to learn and I want to try and enjoy the last few months of high school I have left,” said senior Samara Major.

Other students are afraid of catching COVID-19 with no guarantee of social distancing. 

“I’ve been full virtual since the beginning and I plan to stay full virtual. Personally I think we’re going back too soon just because we’ve seen cases go a little lower, but I think going back will cause a spike. I just think it’s too early especially since most students aren’t able to get a vaccine just yet,” said senior Kayleigh Starr.

“I feel as if we should have continued with the hybrid schedule for the rest of the year, as our case numbers were low. I decided to go back full time in hopes it will give me a structured learning system once I get used to it. Going back full time on the first official day of spring sports brings about a huge concern for me, being that if our numbers rise and the school shuts down, I’ll have not only lost my sophomore track season, but a portion of my junior season as well,” said junior Adra Schell.