Virtual instead of snow days


Zoe Holden

Students were able to have snow days and use them for wh they wanted to. Now, they yearn for those days but understand that virtual days are better for school. Zoe Holden says, “I enjoy having a snow day here and there… but having virtual days can be more helpful and beneficial.”

This school year of 2020-2021 has been most interesting,  bringing innovative solutions to new and unknown problems. The biggest problem being COVID-19, which brought along the innovation of virtual days as a part of the normal schedule. Schools also used virtual days if COVID19 cases rose to prevent exposure of students to it. What schools weren’t expecting was the polar vortex.

The polar vortex is normally on the North Pole but some of the vortex went south to Canada and the US. As the name implies the vortex is really cold and with it moving south it brings that cold with it. With the cold comes snow and a lot of it. Typically, schools would close on these days but since virtual days exist as an alternative, why not do them.

This mentality is what most students feel about virtual days instead of snow days. They feel its a necessary sacrifice for getting out of school at a decent time in June and keeping a consecutive beat in school.

Logan Miscannon- “It’s really useful to be able to keep the students and teachers safe while still continuing with our education.”

Christian Honicker- “I do understand the reasoning behind holding school virtually on snow days. Snow days can massively disrupt a class’s schedule… But at the same time, just c’mon, let us have fun in the snow like the good ol’ days. Many of us are under a lot of stress anway, so we could use a break.”

Zoe Holden- “I enjoy having a snow day here and there because they are a day to relax from school since it can be stressful sometimes. But having virtual days can be more helpful and beneficial when it comes to the end of the year and getting out at a decent time in the summer. “

All around, the students of Pottsville Area High School hold a lukewarm attitude towards the possibility of no more snow days.