Outer Banks a hit with Pottsville teens


From OBX

(From left to right) Kiara, JJ, John B, and Pope are out on the “Pogue” looking for the Royal Merchant’s gold. The four best friends would always be out on their boat looking for new adventures. “I immediately became addicted to the show,” said sophomore Madison Wright.

The Outer Banks series on Netflix became a huge success after its premiere on April 15. Filmed in the historic beach town Charleston, South Carolina, the new hit show of this year held the number one spot on Netflix for a total of nine days before falling off. Many reviewers of the show have considered it the best one they have ever seen and addicting to watch.

Ask any OBX fan and they will definitely tell you about their obsession with the relationship between John B. Routledge and Sarah Cameron. The average but very adventurous “pogue” and the princess of the “kooks” who lives at Tannyhill fall madly in love with each other while searching for clues to find the Royal Merchant’s gold.

The forbidden love and chemistry found between the two teenagers is admired by many viewers of the show.

“John B and Sarah’s relationship was a forbidden love which made the show even better to watch. I think people like them together because you can see their chemistry while doing fun stuff together and people wish they had a connection like that, “ said senior Alyssa Hammer.

“Sarah and John B’s relationship was realistic, like it wasn’t a normal tv show relationship where everything is absolutely unrealistic, “ said junior Emilee Rose.

The kindness and care that John B and Sarah showed each other throughout the show was definitely a plus into falling in love with the both of them. They aren’t the typical TV relationship based on the fact that their relationship together was unpredictable.

“I immediately became addicted and one of the reasons is because of Sarah and John B’s relationship. I love a good TV drama and nothing about their relationship was boring. The fact that they are so different makes them work that much better,” stated sophomore Madison Wright.

Sophomore Chloe Heintz said, “I loved how he treated her and made her feel beautiful and special.“

Viewers are thrilled to see if John B and Sarah will remain a couple for the upcoming season.

“I can’t wait for season 2 to see if John B and Sarah stay together,” said senior Kaleigh Sibbett.

Sophomore Madison Wright stated, “All I’m looking forward to in season two is for them to stay together. That’s really the reason I watch the show.”

The Outer Banks producers and cast have confirmed that their will be another season of the show. The Outer Banks season 2 series will premiere on July 24, 2021.