No Snow Days?


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Every year, Pottsville students expect to see trees like this covered with snow during the winter. However, this year was unlike many others in the fact that Pottsville did not receive one snow day or hardly any snow. “I think we should have snow days for safety reasons,” said Mr. William Rhoads.

No snow days? This is rare. Normally we see multiple days throughout the winter months where school is called off.

This year however, we have seen none.There have been a few two hour delays and even a half day, but no snow days. Teachers and students have been eagerly awaiting their pause to a stressful week.

Mr. William Rhoads agrees. “Yes, I think we should have snow days. For safety reasons,” said Rhoads. “We have a lot of kids in high school that drive and trying to get into school on time when even it’s a little icy is dangerous.”

 On the other hand some students and teachers would rather push through and get the days over with for the sake of their vacation time.

“Sort of. I do because I like to just sit at home and relax but then I don’t because making the days up adds on to our summer time,” said freshman Gwen Biddle.

“I don’t like snow days because it takes away from our summer vacation,” said freshman Paige Dietrich.

“At this point, this year I’m hoping we don’t get a snow day because there is a chance in April that we will have the longest spring break I’ve ever had,” said Mr. Carmen DiCello.