Student Council hosts Sadie Hawkins dance

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Student Council hosts Sadie Hawkins dance

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“[Student Council used to have] dances after football games, but I have never been to one like this. My officers decided we should have one again and picked a Sadie Hawkins style dance,” Mr. William Rhoads said. “All proceeds will be donated to charity.”

In the beginning of the school year, Student Council decided to host a Sadie Hawkins dance for everyone in the school. For a Sadie Hawkins dance, girls ask boys to be their dates, which is different from traditional dances.

“I do think I am going to the dance, but I am not sure with who. I think that it should not matter who asks who,” sophomore Alex Albertini said. “Anyone should not feel embarrassed to [ask someone to be their date], but I feel a bit nervous about it.”

They came up with the idea from seeing Sadie Hawkins dances in movies. The officers of Student Council thought it would be a new event that everyone at PAHS could attend rather than only juniors, seniors and members of Student Council.

“The officers all agreed that having a Sadie Hawkins dance would be a little extra fun thing to do during the year,” senior Aislinn Lehane, treasurer of Student Council, said. “I know myself and my fellow officers are very excited to see how it turns out, and we hope everyone comes out and has a great time.”

The Sadie Hawkins dance will be informal, so everyone can dress comfortably. According to senior officers of student council, girls going to the dance can wear a sundress or any dress of their choosing. There is no need to wear a ball gown or something one would wear to senior prom.

Posters around the school say boys attending the dance should wear khakis and a polo or dress shirt. One doesn’t have to wear a fancy tux or something over the top since it’s meant to be a casual event.

The cost to attend the dance is $5 per person. All the money collected will go to Student Council and will be used for Thon or go to the Wendy Nabholz scholarship fund. There will be a DJ playing music at the dance, as well as photo booth for students to use for $1.

The event will be held November 6 in the D.H.H. Lengel cafeteria after the last home football game. There will be food and drinks provided for everyone coming.

“I love the idea of a Sadie Hawkins dance. I am very excited to have fun with my friends,” sophomore Lauren Hunter said. “We’ve already found our dates and are all ready to go. I can’t wait.”