Lengel students return full time


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Katelynn Miller

DISTANCE – Since students still had the option to remain fully virtual, some classes are larger than others. This class, Mrs. Miller’s ELA 4th block, is one of her smaller classes of in-person students. There are 10 students fully in-person and 10 students fully virtual. This allows for more social distancing in the classroom.

On March 1, 2021, DHH Lengel Middle School students returned back to school with all of their classmates instead of being split into two learning groups. Students were in school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, were virtual Wednesday, and have been in the school building five days a week as of March 8th. Some policies have changed due to the switch, but most have stayed the same. Both students and faculty members are required to wear masks, and desks must be sanitized between classes. However, students now have desk shields they must carry around all day. Class times have been pushed ahead ten minutes in order for students to return to homeroom at 2:50 to clean their shields and return them to their homerooms so they don’t have to carry them home.

Students still had the option to remain fully virtual, so some classes are more full than others.

Students had mostly positive opinions on returning to school full time.

7th grader Alex Womer said, “I like being back full time because I get to see my friends everyday.”

7th grader Mya McGeoy said, “Paying attention [while in school] is a lot easier than virtually.”

7th grader Reese Ketner said, “I like that I can see my friends and it is easier to pay attention.”

7th grader Maggie Brennan said, “I like that we can be more social, [even though] it was an adjustment going back for five days.”

In conclusion, students are overall happier that we are now back in school. Hopefully we will be able to return next year without as many guidelines!