Quiz Team finishes its year-long season (photo)



After pressing the buzzer, junior Tom Honicker answers his trivia question. Quiz Team members attended their last match of the year March 31; they competed against all the schools in the county. “The senior varsity members that competed were Charles Botto, Rachel Rubright, Jessica Wensus, Jessica Angelichio, Logan Spevak and Colin Williams. The seniors did an outstanding job this year and won 70 percent of the total matches they competed in,” Mrs. Krista Torpey, Quiz Team adviser, said.

While anxiously listening to the question, Quiz Team members competitively slam the buzzer. Quiz Team is often an overlooked club, but members spend their after school hours preparing for their meets. They practice once every week for about an hour in the library. Mrs. Krista Torpey, Quiz Team adviser, reads them questions so the members can practice with buzzers. They travel to various schools to compete in challenging trivia contests.

“Quiz Team is a great way to connect with students at other schools with similar interests. It’s also fun to be challenged through random trivia at matches. To prepare for these matches, we usually practice once a week in the library, where we are asked random questions that could possibly come up in these matches,” senior Jessica Angelichio, varsity member of Quiz Team, said.

Quiz Team is made up of varsity and junior varsity players. Students join through teacher recommendations and by receiving a letter from by Mrs. Torpey inviting them to join. The meets start in October, and there is one meet every month.

The matches consist of three rounds followed by a fanfare. A fanfare is a round where the team has a minute to answer questions. At each meet, the team faces off against two other schools. Questions range in difficulty. One question may ask the capital of Peru, while another may require extensive background knowledge of history to answer.

“The Quiz Team attended the Schuylkill County Academic Competition on March 31 at Penn State Schuylkill Campus. All 12 county schools were there. By drawing numbers, Pottsville Area completed against Blue Mountain, and North Schuylkill. In a tight competition, we lost to Blue Mountain and they went on to win the county match,” Mrs. Torpey said.