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Pottsville’s Crimson Players are Planning Their Annual Spring Musical

PAHS drama club students find out their parts by looking at a list like this posted outside the little theater. Students shared their roles with others on social media by posting the cast list on Facebook. Freshman Zoe Holden said, “I was so excited to be a part of The Pirate Queen as Queen Elizabeth.”

Madison Wright, Staffer

November 19, 2019

Students stomachs were in knots all day. On November 14th, 2019, in seventh period the cast list for the annual musical was released. This year’s extravaganza is The Pirate Queen.  “No way,” freshman Zoe Holden said as she read the cast list for the first time and saw her name under Queen Eli...

2019 Pottsville Graduate Battles Cancer

Graduate John Hannaway was diagnosed with cancer on November 4th, 2019. Yet, he never lost his positive attitude. “Going into the surgery, I was extremely scared, but I was comforted by the number of prayers and support I received from my Pottsville family. Knowing I had such a large support system made every step of the way so much easier,” Hannaway said.

Tanya Johnson, Staffer

November 19, 2019

In our school, 2019 graduate John Hannaway is a well recognized name. From raising about 3,000 dollars to buy Christmas presents for poor families, to leading the band as band president, salutatorian, it would be hard not to know of him. On November 4th, Hannaway was diagnosed with testicular cancer....

Tricks, Treats, and So Much More!

Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Katelynn Reichard

Alex Maley and Tanya Johnson

November 1, 2019

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, students from across the district had the chance to participate in a variety of holiday-themed activities. John S. Clarke held its annual Fall Festivities, complete with costume parade on Friday October 25. Staff and students from JSC walk around the bus circle ...

Prayers for Six

 North Schuylkill senior, Jaden Leiby, is throwing the ball to another teammate. During the game on October 25, he was seriously injured making a tackle. Countless thoughts and prayers outpoured from the community in hopes of a speedy recovery. Hashtags like the one pictured above have been circulating throughout social media in support of Jaden.

Carly Mohl, Staffer

November 1, 2019

A parent’s worst nightmare took place during the football game last Friday night. Jaden Leiby was making a tackle on Pottsville’s Bobby Walchak. As he was running to make the tackle, Leiby crashed into Walchak and was seriously injured. Leiby, who rushed 13 times for 134 yards and 3 touchdowns...

Students Support the Ribbon

Students participating in Red Ribbon week stand underneath the 2017 class mural. PAHS allowed students to wear their favorite team jersey or t-shirt on this day. Freshman Mason Major said, “I grew up a Bears fan and the reason I wore that specific jersey is because I’m inspired by players on the Bears team.”

Maura McDonald, Staffer

October 30, 2019

Red Ribbon Week is part of the Red Ribbon Campaign whose mission is to keep people away from drugs and alcohol. At PAHS, students and faculty participate in themed “spirit days” to show their support of those who pledge to be drug-free. Red Ribbon Week runs from October 28th until November 1st. Freshmen...

Healthy Choices Program at JSC

Photo by Leilani Lespiegle
While washing their hands, the kindergarten students were reminded to wash hard to reach places like the backs of their hands and underneath their fingernails. Mrs. Mary McGinley, kindergarten teacher, said

Jena Reilly, Destiny Angel, and Brock Regnier

October 24, 2019

About to bite into one of the healthy treats offered by PSU Extension speaker Mrs. Kim Woodford, first grade student Selene Heck participates in the Healthy Choices program offered for kindergarten through second grade students during the last weeks of October.   Mrs. Elizabeth Gr...

Students Learn the Value of PRIDE

Mr. Lucas Bricker is sharing a slideshow presentation for the PBIS Assembly. He explained the importance of PBIS and PRIDE.

Madison Wright, staffer

October 23, 2019

As students walked into the auditorium on Monday September 23, for the PBIS assembly, excitement was in the air. Freshmen were told to sit near the front of the balcony and the upperclassmen were told to sit in their assigned sections on the ground floor. Before it started, there were conversations about ...

Lending a Helping Hand

Sophomore Victoria Lutz moves mulch to a planter bed at John S. Clarke elementary center on September 16, 2019. Lutz, a student in the PAHS Life Skills class, had the opportunity to learn landscaping skills with her peers while helping beautify the school grounds. “I loved learning how to landscape because it’s different from everyday school activities.”

Greta Snukis, Editor-in-Chief

October 21, 2019

Ready, Set, PLANT. PAHS students, from Ms. Winkler’s Life Skills class, had the opportunity to learn how landscaping works and the prerequisites needed for the job. As well as learning about landscaping, they lent a helping hand to PASD Head Custodian, Mr. Brad Ross and his crew.  Students wer...

AP Government Students Take on Cake Day

Senior Adam Kelly is presenting his Supreme Court case on Cake Day. Kelly enjoyed trying all the different cakes. “I absolutely loved Cake Day. It was a great way to incorporate a fun activity into the lesson.”

Greta Snukis, Editor-in-Chief

October 18, 2019

Mrs. Kayla Watt, the AP Government teacher, created a fun baking activity for her students, known as Cake Day, to learn about federalism.  Cake Day is a day (or two) of presentations done by the students in the AP Government class. Each student is assigned a Supreme Court case that somehow relates to ...

Band to Attend First Competition in Three Years!

Pottsville Area High School Band members are pictured above performing their Pregame show in Veteran’s Stadium. In the past, the band performed at one competition every year. “The band hasn’t attended a competition in a while, so we are all very excited to go and perform,” said sophomore majorette Vanessa Biddle.

Tanya Johnson, Staffer

October 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered what a marching band competition would be like? Who would participate? How long would it be? What songs would be played?  You have the chance to find out.  A band competition will be taking place on October 19th, on the field at North Schuylkill high school. It will include ma...

John S. Clarke unveils new bus rewards program

John S. Clarke unveils new bus rewards program

Madison Wright, Staffer

October 15, 2019

John S. Clarke Elementary students Emma Culbert, Da-Shawn Jones, Ceira Kline and Kyla Ney describe what they did to receive bus bucks. Bus bucks are like pride cash and students can get them for doing what they are supposed to do on the bus. “I got a bus buck for keeping my hands and feet to myself,”...

PAHS Royalty

Homecoming King, Owen Golden and Homecoming Queen, Madison Dalton stood together after being crowned. After being crowned, the two stand together in excitement, as they will become future role models of PAHS. “I ran for homecoming king because I asked my friends if I should run and they said yes, you would win,” senior Golden said.

Alex Maley, Staffer

October 11, 2019

During the football game on October 4, 2019, Mr. Michael Keiner said, “This year the 2019 Homecoming winners are Madison Dalton and Owen Golden”. The stadium exploded in excitement when the winners were announced and many students were very happy to see Dalton and Golden win.  For most stude...

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